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5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Photography and Videography Team

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Benefits of Booking A Wedding Photo and Film team

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What are the benefits of hiring us for both Wedding Photography & Videography?

Generally, the most significant decision right after you select your date and venue is who to hire to document your day? In this post, we want to discuss what are the benefits of hiring Ivy Leaf for both your wedding photography & videography needs in a combined wedding package.  So here are our 5 reasons you should consider bundling your wedding photography and film with us.

1) Shared Vision, Edit and Style to both photos & film

Booking combined photography and videography package with us ensures you have a team with a shared vision in how we will approach documenting your day. We always spend time as a team before the wedding discussing how we plan to approach documenting your wedding day.

We share very much the same vision and approach to documenting a wedding.  We’ve also been working together for many years.  Consequently, we know how best to achieve our clients shared vision. Furthermore, this generally means you have a much more consistent shooting and editing style. Independent photographer and videographer teams will each have their own way of shooting and editing. This can mean couples can be left with distinctly different looking finished products.  It’s just something to bear in mind when hiring independent firms.  Ultimately the final film and photographs are to tell the story of your wedding day. If your wedding photographs have a completely different vibe than your wedding video, the story can become a little blurred.

By choosing to hire Ivy Leaf for a combined wedding package, there will be a consistency and cohesiveness to both the shooting style and finished edited products.  This can be harder to get from two individual companies.

Here is a sample wedding that shows the style consistency between photo and video:

2) Same Priorities and Accountability

With separate firms wanting to deliver the best final products they possibly can for their couples it is understandable that they may have separate priorities to each other.   As a result, they can sometimes compete for similar angles and shots or unintentionally get in each other’s way.  They will also be sharing limited time with a couple on a busy wedding day. This can be tough if not used to working together.  To give you an example we were photographing a wedding and the videographers walk right in front of the bride and groom on entrance blocking our view. Although a literal army roll has saved this shot, it could have been avoided.  It was never intentional, it was just they had their own priorities and didn’t think about ours.  So at that time, their priorities competed with ours as we were both in the same place at the same time.

By hiring Ivy Leaf for both your photo and film, we essentially align these separate priorities. Both the photographer and videographer want to create the best possible final combination of products.  Because we have a shared vision we will be co-operating and not competing to make sure everything runs smoothly and get the best footage required from both photography and filming.

This combined photography and videography also makes just the one company 100% responsible and accountable for the final results.  The quality of the product can’t be affected by someone with different priorities.

3) Teamwork, Communication & Anticipation

We have experience of working together as a team to orchestrate your wedding day.  So we are able to maximise on coverage for film and photo and avoiding issues which can compromise the end products. Whilst we love working alongside other creatives, our years of working together means that we can anticipate each other’s needs and share time, communicate, and coordinate much more effectively than two firms that may not get to work together often.

A sports team that has played together for years are statistically more likely to win a match than a bunch of strangers. The concept is the same for documenting your day.

4) One vendor, one invoice, one contract

Using Ivy Leaf for both your photography and cinematography will cut your admin in half.  This means more time to deal with the fun and exciting things you have going on. Why? Well, you will only be dealing with one vendor. That means you’ll just have one set of people to communicate with.  You’ll only have the one contract to read and sign.  Just the one invoice to keep track of and the one set of details to provide. Booking your wedding photography and videography separately essentially doubles your admin, and increases the amount of time spent communicating. Your time is precious, and we’re sure there are 101 more fun things out there for you to do.  Why not use the time you’ve saved to fit in an extra date night with your loved one.

5) Wedding Photography and Film Discounts

Providing a combined wedding service at Ivy Leaf means we don’t have as many overheads.  This gives us the unique ability to help you, our clients save money. We have the potential to save you money when you book both your wedding photography and videography together in comparison to individual firms.  That means more money for flowers, details, decorations or that extra pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on.


We hope we explained the advantages of booking a single combined wedding package with the same company for both your photography and videography.  We love working with other creatives.  However, we have now come to a conclusion through our many years of experience that we actually work best together.  Primarily this is why Ivy Leaf as a studio offers both photography and cinematography services.  If you have already booked a photographer or videographer and now thinking Doh should have booked the same firm – fear not.  We love meeting new people in the industry.  Just let us know who we’ll be working with.  We can then reach out to them to make a plan together for the day.

Booked your photographer, but not a videographer? Booked your videographer but not your photographer? or perhaps you’ve not booked either? – whatever your situation with us wedding professionals we’d love to hear from you.  You can get in contact to find out more about our services and how we might help you document your wedding day.