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Top Tips On Doing Your Own Bridal Makeup

Top Tips On Doing Your Own Bridal Makeup
Are you thinking about doing your own bridal makup? We interview Essex based makeup artist Emine Sami to find out her top DIY makeup Do’s and Don’ts for your wedding day. With over 15 years of experience in commercial and bridal makeup Emine is an expert when it comes to applying makeup to have a long lasting, pristine finish to last from the ceremony right through to the dance floor. Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Photography and Videography Team

Benefits of Booking A Wedding Photo and Film team

What are the benefits of hiring us for both Wedding Photography & Videography?

Generally, the most significant decision right after you select your date and venue is who to hire to document your day? In this post, we want to discuss what are the benefits of hiring Ivy Leaf for both your wedding photography & videography needs in a combined wedding package.  So here are our 5 reasons you should consider bundling your wedding photography and film with us. Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Professional Wedding Album

2 Wedding Albums one open displaying a 2 page spread

The Importance of Investing in a Professional Wedding Album

A lot of our couples aren’t always sure why they should get a professionally designed and printed wedding album. After all, we’re already providing them with all the digital images. However, the question I always ask them is what are you going to do with the photos after you’ve downloaded them. So I thought I’d cover the reasons why you should invest in a professionally designed and printed wedding album.

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Wedding Reception Music: Band or DJ?

Keyboard player as part of a wedding band performing at a reception

Should You Have a Band or DJ for Your Wedding Reception Music?

Much like your wedding speeches music can make or break a wedding celebration.  So if you’re asking yourself if you should have a Band or a DJ for your wedding reception I’m hoping my guide will help.  Both have their pros and cons. Before deciding though there are a few straightforward questions you should ask.

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12 Hints & Tips for Delivering the Perfect Wedding Day Speech

Gentleman wearing a blue jacket with blue patterned tie giving a wedding day toast outside a marquee using a microphone

Hints & Tips for Preparing for the Wedding Day speech

Here’s the thing about Wedding Speeches and Toasts; they are an integral and traditional part of any wedding day. Toasts form a chance to share memories from childhood, romantic stories of how the couple met through to funny anecdotes. With speeches and toasts being such an essential part of the day, many of the speakers naturally feel a degree of anxiety.  For this reason, I’ve created my hints and tips guide to delivering that perfect wedding day speech. Continue Reading

When is best for Wedding Speeches? Before, After or Between Courses?

Best man giving wedding day speech dressed in shiny metallic gold sequin jacket

When is best for Wedding Speeches? Before, After or During the Meal?

The thing I love about a wedding day is all the emotion throughout the day. There’s love, laughter, smiles, tears of joy and even tears of sadness. They are all part of the makeup of the story.  I especially always look forward to the speeches and being a bit of an emotional guy have even had a little cry myself.  I often get asked by my clients when is best for wedding day speeches to happen. To be totally honest, there are no rules. It’s your wedding day, and it should run in the order that you’d like it to. Traditionally, however, it is after the meals.  I’ve compiled a quick overview of the normal 3 options. Continue Reading

Family Photography Shoot Tips and Advice

So you’ve booked your family photography shoot and now started to wonder how to prepare for it? Don’t worry there’s nothing complicated about it and it’s likely to be one of the most fun and memorable things you do with your family. However I do get asked quite a few questions before a scheduled session so I figured I’d put together a quick Baby and Family Photography Shoot Tips and Advice blog post, which I hope you’ll find helpful. Continue Reading

Wedding Inspiration at That Amazing Place

Wedding Inspiration Shoot at That Amazing Place

As a wedding photographer I am lucky enough to meet and work with some exceptionally creative wedding suppliers and see some beautiful locations. Claire over at Lily and May is easily one of my favourite floral artists that I have worked with, so I was really excited about this inspiration shoot at That Amazing Place in Harlow. Her elegant, romantic and whimsical designs just add so much to a wedding. And on top of that, she’s pretty darn nice too!
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