Emma & Tom’s DIY Festival Themed Wedding

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Bride riding horse that has a floral necklace with groom holding her hand alongside

Emma and Tom’s DIY Festival Themed Wedding: The Lovefest

“I am having a Boho, DIY Festival Themed Wedding! – Arriving on a horse, plenty of hale bales…hippy love Inn festival”. How’s that for an enquiry message from a Bride?  As a documentary-style wedding photographer it was music to my ears, and after speaking to Emma and Tom just knew it was going to be epic!

A DIY Festival Themed Wedding:  “The Lovefest”

Luckily Emma & Tom were blessed with a warm summers day in August which provided the perfect festival weather. Held at Emma’s parent’s house; Emma & Tom called their DIY festival themed wedding “The LoveFest”.  The couple worked really hard on the festival themed styling with plenty of help from family and friends. This included decorating gardens with bunting and the marquee with even the makeup done by Tom’s sister. The wedding really was a family affair.  After all, that’s what weddings are about – the joining of two families.  Emma & Tom really hit the bullseye on this aspect of their day!  Arriving to her father ready to walk down the aisle on her beloved horse Emma looked the image of Boho chic. It was a true first for me photographing that moment.

Achieving the perfect Boho Wedding with a Festival Theme

As music is a big influence in both Emma and Tom’s lives (Tom’s a musician) it was logical that it would be reflected on their wedding day.  They had no trouble deciding on whether to have a band or a DJ for their wedding reception.  They knew exactly what they wanted and when.  From their friends singing during the ceremony (which turned in to a full-on sing along with all the guests); to their live band in the evening – The Longstraws – it really did have a festival feel.  Carrying on with that DIY festival themed wedding there was the really appetising “bring a cake table”, a fire pit, and even a glitter bar in the evening not to mention plenty of hay bales.  The wedding and couple were epic as I knew they would be, and it was a dream day to photograph.  Whilst there were many highlights throughout the day for me my top 3 would include Nan getting involved in the glitter along with the groom and his groomsmen.  A full-on dance-off (the guys won…, but only just).  Finally, a family tug of war between the groom’s family and the brides.

Thank you, Emma and Tom, for such an amazing wedding day, and one that w I’ll remember for a long time to come.

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