Engagement Shoot in London

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Engaged couple during their engagement shoot in London's Kensington Palace Gardens

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Himani & Phil’s Engagement Shoot In London

With World Cup Fever in the Air. Scorching temperatures; and less than a month until their wedding, I met up with Himani & Phil for their Engagement Shoot in London.  Despite it being an England game. Despite getting stuck in terrible traffic, the couple eventually made it to the stunning Kensington Palace, London.  For me, that showed true dedication to their photographer and capturing some great engagement images.  The temperature and slightly stressful journey didn’t seem to phase Himani & Phil however.  After a few apologies, we strolled through the elegant grounds of the Kensington Palace Gardens getting some pre-wedding shoot images.

Kensington Palace Gardens : The Perfect Engagement Shoot Backdrop

If you haven’t been before I highly recommend a visit.  Kensington Palace Gardens are free with entry tickets only a requirement if you are planning on entering the palace itself.  The Gardens are genuinely spectacular.  The formal, tranquil and intimate gardens in the heart of London form the most beautiful backdrop for this lovely couple’s engagement pictures.  The red brick and lush greenery contrasted nicely, and Himani & Phil were so easy to get along with it made the whole shoot an absolute delight.  Combine all this with some fantastic light, and I think you’ll agree they look stunning in their engagement photographs. A very happy couple indeed.

While I secretly enjoyed the delay to the beginning of the shoot, which allowed me to sneak in some sunbathing. I’m hoping traffic won’t be an issue for when these two gorgeous people tie the knot next month in Southend.  I’m looking forward to capturing some amazing wedding photographs for this fantastic couple.

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