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Capturing a Secret London Wedding Proposal


So you’re planning your wedding proposal and looking into the idea of hiring a wedding proposal photographer? Well first off, congratulations! You’re about to take a big step into a new chapter of your life and we’d love to be there to document it. We were so excited when Razvan contacted us about his plans to propose to Mary Jo, while they were on vacation in London. The final wedding proposal film and photos we produced made such an impact when they were able to share it with their family and it was awesome to be part of it.


For us, it was the first time we’d been asked to create a wedding proposal film. But we were super confident that we’d be able to create something special. We’ve created countless cinematic wedding films and knew once we were with Razvan and Mary Jo, the story would just fall into place. We managed to help these guys scout out an awesome location in London and after some undercover planning, we were set to go!

We went ahead and interviewed the couple soon after the proposal which made for a really great way to bring the visuals to life. Check out the film below and if you’re considering having your wedding proposal documented, get in contact with us.


Proposing is such a nerve-racking, but exciting and emotional time for couples. But what better place to become engaged than when on vacation in London? Initially, Razvan wasn’t too sure about the best location for his proposal but after we sent over a few options and carefully planned an idea, it was pretty clear that Tower Bridge, as his backdrop, was the one. Let’s be honest, you can’t really get more London than that.

A couple kissing just after a wedding proposal in London with Tower Bridge in the background
Couple hugging with Tower Bridge in the background
Girl and Guy holding hands on London Bridge
Silhouette of a couple with the SHARD in the back ground
photo looking part the faces of a girl and boy with Tower Bridge in the distance
Portrait of a girl with her head on the shoulder of her fiancé who is looking away from the camera
Street Photography style black and white photo of a guy and girl in London
A couple hugging in a romantic way with the back drop of London


We had such a blast creating this wedding proposal film for Razvan and Mary Jo. WeddingProposal’s are full of surprises but everything worked out great for these guys! We were able to capture a great set of engagement photos along with a super romantic and personal wedding proposal film which will be a keepsake for these guys for years to come.


Everyone remembers the moment their significant other pops the question. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime event. But what about the exact details? Like your expressions, or clothes you were wearing or the time of day even. Not to mention all the emotions that are felt after the question has been asked.

All of this is precisely what Razvan wanted to capture when he proposed to Mary Jo, while they were on a Christmas vacation from the USA. There are a few things to consider when planning a proposal like location, time of day, any restrictions when it comes to logistics. And it’s really important to think about whether your partner wants something more personal with just the two of you? Or if the attention from on-lookers will be welcomed. But if you’re here and looking to hire a couples photographer and videographer to capture your wedding proposal, then I imagine your partner isn’t too camera shy, and documenting the BIG moment will be a huge success.

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