Pre Wedding Shoot at Rochester Castle

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Emine & Ariel’s Pre Wedding Shoot at Rochester Castle

Some days I forget how lucky I am to have some of the best locations in Kent and Essex right on my doorstep. Rochester Castle is literally 15 miles away from my home and I’ve never even been there before. What a mistake that was, because quite frankly it is a beaut! (as they say here in Essex).

Rochester is such a beautiful little town with cobbled streets set right by the castle and surrounded by parks beside the River Medway. Emine and Ariel invited me over to meet them for their Pre Wedding Shoot at Rochester Castle and all the information they gave me ahead of our shoot was that it was quite a special place for them. It wasn’t until I actually got to Rochester that they took me over to the spot that Ariel actually got down on one knee and proposed! It was amazing.

I really love to hear all the juicy bits of information about how a couple met and to have the opportunity to photograph Emine and Ariel in a location that means so much to them was such a great feeling.

Here’s a little look at our couples shoot;

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