Why STREET PHOTOGRAPHY keeps us INSPIRED and makes our wedding photography DIFFERENT.

What is a street photography style wedding photographer and what makes us different?

To put it simply we focus on moments. We rely on impulse and want to capture really natural looking photographs of your wedding day. We believe our passion for street photography has a real influence on our creative style and approach to as a documentary wedding photographer.

Making a decision on who you should hire as your wedding photographer can be a really difficult task, there’s no doubt about that. But we think it’s really helpful to know the type of photographer you want on your wedding day? As with anything, there are quite a few styles of photography out there and this can really influence the final look of your wedding photographs. It very often also results in a different experience for you on your wedding day too.

Our street photography style approach to photographing a wedding means we’ll work unobtrusively and capture moments as they happen without getting too involved. Some people call this approach “reportage” or “documentary” and essentially it’s capturing your day by observing the story without interrupting the “moments”. This is, in our opinion, is the main benefit of booking a documentary wedding photographer for your wedding day.


Tarik: “The first time I went out to take some street photos, I didn’t actually know what street photography even was. All I knew was that exploring the streets with my camera and observing people just being people, fascinated me. I still remember the first street photograph I ever took in Paris in 2005 – I was meant to be taking a photograph of my friend and was distracted by something going on beside me that led to me just taking a photo of these strangers. I still look back at that photo and wonder what and why. But I found my calling right then and there.”

We’ve found that street photography constantly reminds us to act on instinct and trust when the moment is just right.

Keeping our photography looking NATURAL

We’ll always try to work with whatever available light there is to compliment a photo. We aim to craft light and make a scene remain the way you intended when planning your wedding. Over-used and complicated flash setups can sometimes maipulate a space and in turn make it feel differently to what it did on the day. We want the memories of your wedding day to feel real.

Street Photography influenced photograph of a guest hugging another guest, using the side of an ushers face to frame the moment
Creative portrait of a bride and groom with strips of sunlight subtly lighting their faces captured by a Street Photography Style Wedding Photographer
Silhouette of a child walking against the orange surface of a tipi during a wedding reception
Street Photography Style Wedding Photographer


Tarik: “Street photography really became a big part of my wedding photography in 2017 after my project 24 Hours on the London Underground where, as the title suggests, I literally spent 24 hours on the London Underground shooting street and capturing photos of people. The more I photograph the more I realise how fascinating people are.”

Why we believe in STREET PHOTOGRAPHY

Capturing a wedding day with a STREET PHOTOGRAPHY approach means that I’m always trying to stay in the moment and use all my senses to capture moments and use light to make really captivating  photos.

Street Photography Style Wedding Photographer

Features and Interviews

With one of our biggest inspirations coming from Street Photography, we’re really pleased to have had our Street Photography projects published on various websites as well as being invited to write articles for Fuji Love magazine about our Street Photography in Berlin, Cambodia and also a personal piece called “Stay Focused”. Our travels to Hong Kong have also been featured on fujixpassion.com

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If you’re looking for a more natural and creative style of wedding photography for your wedding then we’d love to hear from you.

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