Top Tips On Doing Your Own Bridal Makeup

Tips On Doing Your Own Bridal Makeup

Are you thinking about doing your own bridal makeup? We interviewed Essex based makeup artist Emine Sami to find out some of her top tips for DIY bridal makeup. She also shares industry secrets and some really important Do’s and Don’ts on your wedding day.

With over 15 years of experience in commercial and bridal makeup, Emine is an expert when it comes to applying makeup to have a long-lasting, pristine finish to last from the ceremony right through to the dance floor.


Top Tips On Doing Your Own Bridal Makeup

1) Test Everything First

Make sure you test ALL the products you will be using a few weeks before your big day, including skin care.

2) SKIN PREP is very important!

Up your water intake as soon as you can. Remember everyone wants that ‘bridal glow’ and clear skin. Well prepped skin is the best way to achieve a flawless base. Try and have regular facials on the lead up to the big day (regular exfoliating at home and face masks can also make a huge difference, if you are on a tight budget!) this will ensure no dry skin or surprise breakouts on the day and will make your foundation glide on!

3) Moisturise

Moisturise your face 30mins before applying your makeup, to allow time for your moisturiser to sink in and do its magic.

4) Give yourself a few trials

Before hand trying different techniques and take lots of pictures of yourself outside in natural day light, (makeup can look very different indoors and outdoors) lighting makes a huge difference. wear the makeup all day to see how long lasting it is.

5) Always wear a primer

Before applying foundation to give a smoother appearance and keep your makeup on for longer.

6) Foundation Coverage

When purchasing a new foundation, take into consideration the coverage, how heavy or light you would like it, the time of year you will be getting married, will you have a tan on the day? Be it a natural tan, or out of a bottle, make sure the foundation is colour matched, so you may have to go up a shade.

7) SPF ‘flashback’

This is when your face looks whiter and brighter than it is when you look in the mirror and can often occur when having professional pictures taken due to the flash used bouncing off the SPF in the foundation.

8) That Airbrush Look

Use a damp beauty blender to create an airbrush finish.

9) Eye Makeup

Wear waterproof eye makeup where possible, especially mascara for the emotional I Do’s.

10) Lashes

If wearing false lashes, be it individual or strip lashes use a waterproof lash glue to prevent the lashes from lifting!

11) Primer

Always wear an eye makeup primer to hold your eyeshadow in place and to prevent creasing.

12) Eyeliner

If you want to wear eyeliner and are not confident to use a liquid liner, apply an eyeliner pencil first and go over with a liquid, or simply smudge your pencil for a soft smokey line. Gel liners are also a fantastic alternative as it is applied with a brush and you have more control over where the product is placed. Try and rest your elbows on a table and look down slightly into a mirror and go as close to your lash line as possible.

13) Lip Balm

Sleep with some lip balm on the night before to prevent chapped lips on the day.

14) Lip Liner

Always use a lip liner first to prevent lipstick running & blot and re-apply lipstick for long lasting effect.

 15 ) Using a Highlighter

Best used on the areas of your face which catch the sun, usually brow bones, top of your cheekbones, tip of your nose and cupids bow.


Using a matte bronzer to contour the hollows of your cheekbones along your jaw line and around your temples and hair line, to give some definition to your face, remember don’t go in too heavy and BLEND BLEND BLEND the last thing you want is any obvious stripes around your face.

17) Keep a long lasting look

By keeping a small powder compact to hand to touch up any shiny areas towards the evening.

18 ) Setting Sprays

Use a makeup setting spray when your makeup is finished to give it longer lasting power.


1) SPF

Don’t wear foundation with SPF included as this can sometimes reflect light off your face in professional pictures.

2) Don’t over powder

Try not to over powder your makeup, or layer on too much as this can give a ‘cakey’ appearance.

3) Foundation

Don’t wear a foundation darker than your skin tone, to give a tanned effect!

4) Bronzer

Don’t over bronze your face, just use bronzer where the sun would hit your face naturally.

5) Eyeliner

Don’t use black eyeliner on your waterline, if you have small eyes alternatively use a nude or white pencil to open up your eyes.

4) Blend Blend Blend

Don’t forget to Blend Blend Blend, you don’t want any obvious makeup lines.

5) Stay consistent

Don’t try any new makeup looks on the day.

6) Eye OR Lips

Don’t use heavy eye makeup with a strong lipstick, always choose to emphasise eyes OR lips.

7) Mind those hands

Don’t forget to wash your hands after applying your makeup, before wearing your dress.


Leave yourself enough time on the day to be able to take your time to apply your makeup without having to rush it, make notes or prompts if need be so you don’t skip a step!

Thanks for reading our guest article about doing your own wedding makeup. If you’d like any more tips and advice on bridal makeup why not connect with Emine Sami using Instagram or Facebook.

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