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Documentary Wedding Photography of a Turkish Wedding in London. I’ll always remember meeting Aydan and Ricky for the first time in Kentish town to discuss their wedding day plans. We stopped over in a pub called Assembly House in Kentish Town which is always a great spot; nice easy location with a smashing selection of drinks. However this particular night the football was bellowing over the TV’s scattered throughout the pub, but being one of those guy’s that doesn’t know a thing about football the noise faded pretty quickly once we got talking about the exciting wedding day plans.

I think there’s something really special when families from different cultural background get married – the beautiful mix of guests at the wedding always makes it so exciting to document. Being Turkish myself I knew for a fact that Ricky’s guests had a real surprise in order with how BIG Turkish weddings can be. The music and dancing starts before the food even finishes and the food generally feels like it never stops! There’s money being thrown, pots being smashed, roaring davul & zurna for the bridal entrance, it’s a feast for the eyes.

I’ve been to many, MANY Turkish weddings in my life as a guest and had the pleasure of eating all the delicious food and dancing the night away so I thought I’d seen it all. But there was something quite special about Ricky and Aydan’s wedding. I was so impressed with all the traditional dancing that took place for the majority of the night; People twice my age were dancing for twice as long as I could even imagine, it was incredible.

Aydan and Ricky are one of the first couples that asked if we could have a post wedding portrait session which worked out great as it meant that we spent an afternoon at the beautiful Hampstead Pergola Hill Gardens but it also meant that I got an opportunity to hang out with these guys again for a few hours. Always such a pleasure and a truly wonderful couple.

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