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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Professional Wedding Album

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The Importance of Investing in a Professional Wedding Album

A lot of our couples aren’t always sure why they should get a professionally designed and printed wedding album. After all, we’re already providing them with all the digital images. However, the question I always ask them is what are you going to do with the photos after you’ve downloaded them. So I thought I’d cover the reasons why you should invest in a professionally designed and printed wedding album.

Life Takes Over, and You Won’t Get Around to It

The motivation after your wedding day to do something with your photographs is always high.  You’ll have plans to get your images printed.  Get them put in frames and so on, but reality for many is that real life takes over. You go back to work. Kids come along. You get distracted and before you know it several years on apart from the few images you put on social media the rest of your images get forgotten. This happens more often people care to admit.

Quality Products Only Available to Professional Photographers

The professional print labs services we use are not available to members of the public. They offer a much better quality of product than high street print labs such as Boots or Jessops for example.  That’s not to say that high street labs don’t have their place, but when you compare the print quality of the two side by side you’ll soon notice the difference. Simply put high street labs are appealing to the masses, and professional print labs are a niche service.  Professional photographers calibrate their image files to their preferred supplier.  This gives their clients the best quality image.  Unfortunately when the image files do not perfectly match the calibration of the labs colour profiles clients can end up disappointed with the results.  In relation to wedding albums specifically.  As well as potential colour profile issues, you will not find a high quality wedding album from the commercial labs that will be comparable to those of a professional print lab.  The photo books often available at commercial labs are not designed in a way to last a lifetime.  Certainly not in a way that a properly bound and professionally produced wedding album is.

Documentary Photographers: Professional Story Tellers

When you hire me for your wedding photography, you hire me to tell the story of your day.  You trust in my expertise and skill.  Trust me again to bring that story to life in a beautiful wedding album. You may believe you have the time to sift through your photos, pick out the best shots and organise them in a chronological order that tells the story of your day.  However, I often find even when I ask couples to select their favourite images they agonise over what to include.  I however instinctively know which shots are album-worthy and that will tell the story of your day. Much like your wedding day slideshow, which will carefully tell the story of your day.  I understand composition and design, and undertake the process of album design on a regular basis.

Wedding Albums are your First Family Heirloom

Possibly the most important reason, is that your wedding album will become your first family heirloom.  A wedding album is what you will look at time and time again.  You will get the album out and show relatives and friends, and you won’t bore them scrolling through hundreds of pictures. It will come out on anniversaries and you will look through the pages of your love story.  You will show your children and in years to come you will show your grand children.  Many of our clients remember with fondness the excitement of looking through their parents and grandparents wedding albums, so why wouldn’t they want that experience for their family. In a world of technology there really is something special about something tangible that you can hold and feel.  Looking at the images via USB on your computer or Tablet just won’t be the same.  The point is that yes having hundreds of digital images is wonderful, but you really want something tangible from your big day.  You want something that tells your story, but doesn’t overwhelm people.  You want something that will bring joy to the future generations of your family.

Technology Changes an Album will Last a lifetime

Over the last 20 years we have gone from traditional printed wedding photographs, to digital files put on CD’s to then USB’s to now downloadable from the cloud.  Technology for all it’s wonder changes so rapidly. With technology moving as fast as it is who is to say how long we will be able to use digital photo files as they are.  It is likely we will have to convert them to a new format in the future.  You only have to think about VHS videos, and how many people have them, but no way of viewing them.  Whilst we suspect you will always be able to convert your images, you never need to with a wedding album.  It is a technology that has stood the test of time, and will continue to.

What to do if you realise the Importance of Getting a Professional Wedding Album

Now that I’ve given you some of my top reasons as to why you should consider getting a wedding album from your photographer you might be interested in investing in a professional wedding album of your own.  If you are wanting to purchase one of our stunning wedding albums, please get in contact.

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