Suset shot of bride & groom walking through olive tree groves at their Finca Son Mir Wedding

Sam & Hayley's Destination Wedding at Finca Son Mir, Mallorca

If you’re considering a destination wedding, Finca Son Mir just outside Palma, Mallorca is a beautifully renovated olive farm and a beautiful location to consider for your day.  Restored between 2006 and 2007 much of the traditional character of the estate Finca Son Mir was retained.  The wedding venue and grounds provide a wonderful and historic backdrop on your wedding day. From stone steps leading to an old, enclosed courtyard. Arches leading to lush green lawns and over 600 olive trees it is perfect for portraits. If you do opt for your wedding at Finca Son Mir, then you’re in for a real treat.

From start to finish was impressed by how quickly The Ivy Leaf team understood what we wanted and gave us total confidence that they would capture the type of photos and video we wanted. They were total professionals on the day but also great company and blended into the wedding seamlessly. They both totally understood that this was a special day for us and allowed us to fully enjoy the day while making sure we captured the key parts of it. Communication and more importantly quality of work I cannot fault... so much so that we have most photo frames in our house filled with their photos.. thank you so much

Hayley & Sam

Photographing my friend’s wedding at Finca Son Mir

I made it a rule pretty early on in my wedding photography career that I wouldn’t put myself forward as the official photographer for weddings that I am also a guest at. And I have to admit that I’ve stood by this for many years. Let’s face it, a camera will only get in my way if I’m trying to cut some shapes on the dance floor! But really the fact of the matter is that there’s no other job that I’ve ever done that requires so much care and attention.  So my conscious decision is not only to protect the integrity of the photographs that a bride and groom will receive and cherish for the rest of their lives but also what good would I be at capturing these special moments if I’m at the bar for much of the afternoon?

However, in 2018 I broke my rule (rules are made to be broken right?) For one very special wedding which happened to fall at a very special time in my life. In the summer of 2018 my beautiful son, Finley entered the world which was the most magical thing that has happened to me (along with meeting Finley’s mother of course). Finley’s arrival successfully turned my life on its head and had me reestablish pretty much everything I know, and actually, I’m only at the start of this journey so I’m only just getting things back in line. But basically, his arrival made taking bookings through the summer pretty difficult to manage and also made making any sort of plans pretty difficult.

Photographing my friend’s wedding at Finca Son Mir

So what does this have to do with Sam and Hayley? Well, Sam is actually one of my oldest friends.  Having met over 20 years ago in primary school we have grown up together along with a few of my closest friends. So you can imagine how excited I was for Sam when Rebecca and I were invited to his wedding at Son Mir in Palma. Honestly being a guest at a wedding is such a treat for a documentary wedding photographer such as myself! In all honesty, I don’t even take a camera with me. After all, that’s what the official photographer is there for. Am I right?

Shortly after our invite, however, we had the news that we were due to have our baby only a month before the wedding in Majorca.  This meant that Rebecca and I wouldn’t be able to travel for Sam and Hayley’s wedding. At the same time, I also offered to help Sam find a destination wedding photographer for their day. Once I drew a list up it dawned on me that I’d be missing one of my best friend’s weddings.   So I figured that perhaps I could travel out on my own and photograph the wedding. Slightly easier for me to digest because I’d be leaving my new family for at least 4 days. But it would be for work! So I put my name on the list too. And the rest is history, as you can tell.

Important memories with important people

Being the official photographer for a friend’s wedding in this circumstance was incredibly special for me.  Essentially I got the front row seat through the day.  During the reading of the wedding gift cards, I was there feeling all the emotions. During the prep, I was there feeling nervous for my friends and sharing their excitement.  When the bride walked down the aisle I was there, with Sam feeling all the feels.  As he wiped the tear from his eye with a smile beaming from ear to ear. It was magical and such a privilege to be a part of.

A wedding celebration that goes from one day to one whole week, sharing some of your most important memories with some of the most important people in your life is certainly something pretty amazing.

We can’t thank Sam and Hayley, enough for trusting us to capture their destination wedding in Palma Majorca at the stunning Son Mir.

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