When is best for Wedding Speeches? Before, After or Between Courses?

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When is best for Wedding Speeches? Before, After or During the Meal?

The thing I love about a wedding day is all the emotion throughout the day. There’s love, laughter, smiles, tears of joy and even tears of sadness. They are all part of the makeup of the story.  I especially always look forward to the speeches and being a bit of an emotional guy have even had a little cry myself.  I often get asked by my clients when is best for wedding day speeches to happen. To be totally honest, there are no rules. It’s your wedding day, and it should run in the order that you’d like it to. Traditionally, however, it is after the meals.  I’ve compiled a quick overview of the normal 3 options.

Speeches Before Dinner

The main advantage to having your speeches before your wedding day meal is for those speech makers that may be particularly nervous to relax sooner. Having the speeches before the meal allows them to get it over and done with, and relax and enjoy their own meal. Besides, Grooms often want the “formalities” done and dusted so they can finally whip off their tie and relax.

Speeches During Meals

Having wedding speeches during meals or between courses doesn’t happen very often, but it can be an exciting way to keep the guests entertained. Caterers, however, aren’t always a massive fan of this because it can interrupt the flow in the kitchen if speeches go a little longer than anticipated so check with them beforehand. While you may think it won’t, it can happen easily especially with an emotional father of the bride that starts to reminisce about all those early memories with his little girl. On a personal note, this is often the only time that some of the wedding suppliers there for the whole day, like wedding photographers, wedding planners and wedding videographers get to have a break and a sit-down. If the speeches are split up, then this isn’t going to be possible, so just bear this in mind, as they are likely to have been on their feet all day.

Speeches After Dinner

Speeches after dinner help with the flow of the day and keep guests reminded that it’s a wedding day, and why you are all gathered to celebrate.  With speeches after the dinner guests have usually had a few drinks so they’ll find the speech jokes even funnier.  As a result, you’ll get some great photographs of your guests enjoying themselves.  Just ask those giving their speeches after dinner to limit their drink.  Nerves can mean people drink to relax, and the last thing you want is for them to have too much.


Ultimately when is best for wedding speeches is entirely down to your preference, and how you want your wedding day to unfold.  In my opinion, however, providing that those giving them won’t be too nervous then after dinner work best.   This way they round off the meal and give the guests something to look forward to, and generally produce some cracking photographs.  For anyone who is delivering a wedding speech, we have a guide to delivering the perfect wedding speech that you may wish to share with them, and you may find some useful information in our wedding day advice page.

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